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The Perfect Flooring For Your Kitchen

A kitchen space isn't just for cooking... it's for socializing! With such a high traffic area, choosing the right flooring is crucial and you must consider durability and maintenance. Not to mention, you want it to look beautiful in the space! There are a lot of materials to choose from, so do some research and see the samples in person to ensure it suits your needs and wants. We have created a flooring guide below to assist you in choosing the right product that will make you fall in love with your kitchen!

1. Hardwood


- It is classic, timeless and a great choice to have with an open concept kitchen!

- It can last for a lifetime, as long as it is well maintained.

- It can be easily sanded or coated to feel like new.

- There are endless choices of solid wood as it comes in different patterns, styles, textures, and colours.


- Any leakages caused in the kitchen can easily cause damages to the hardwood; if it is not quickly taken care of!

- Some hardwoods can be scratched or dented.

2. Natural Stone (Marble, Slate, Travertine and Limestone)


- Having a natural stone flooring would be very unique as cuts are never identical; your kitchen flooring will never be imitated!

- It is elegant, luxurious, and timeless.

- It is easy to clean.

- You will definitely find a natural stone that suits your kitchen because styles and colours are very diverse.

- Installation is flexible since you can pick and choose where each stone lays.


- It is expensive.

- Installation is not as easy as other floorings.

- Softer stones can be chipped or scratched, so make sure to seal it for protection!

3. Cork


- Eco-friendly product.

- It comes in different tints, shades, and patterns.

- It can be installed over existing floors.

- It is comfortable to stand on for a long period of time.


- Dirt on the floor can blemish the surface; therefore it has to be cleaned often!

- It will not last forever; the colour or the pattern can fade away throughout the years.

- It might need occasional resealing for protection.

4. Vinyl


- It is very affordable.

- It is comfortable to stand on for a long period of time.

- It is easy to clean.

- Installation is simple.

- It comes in sheets or individual tiles.

- Patterns and colours are endless!


- Durability is not its strong suit.. It can easily wear out, tear up, scratch, dent, curl, bubble, and the colour can fade in the sunlight!

Needless to say kitchen flooring options are endless! You just have to weigh the positives and the negatives of each and determine what works best for your space. We hope that this quick flooring guide will bring some clarity on which option would transform your space into something you love looking at everyday!

Stay tuned for many more blogs to come!



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