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Coloured Feature Walls

Let's bring some colour back into your home!

We love the look of a coloured feature wall, whether that be through paint, wallpaper, or even tile! Each space presents the opportunity to get creative and show off your style, so why not add some visual interest? Don't forget about those little nooks that deserve some character too! Also, the ceiling is something to consider making into a coloured feature of the room, the possibilities are endless. We hope the days are done of all grey everything, time to change it up!

A feature wall adds so much to the room, it can give you the appearance of depth or even the appearance of a bigger space. I know wallpaper can be a daunting idea, but if you choose something you absolutely love and has a timeless element to it then you won't want to change it for a long time. We are really loving the idea of going bolder in spaces like the laundry room or bathroom, make it a site to see on its own. Don't shy away from patterns or bright colours because you can even it out with neutrals in other aspects. When it's a feature wall you have the luxury of the bold and the bright since it's a small part of your room, make it a focal point to draw the eye.

Source: Instagram

Source: My Domaine

Source: Kendra Bester Design

Source: Caesarstone