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St Patrick's Day Decor

With all of these one day celebrations throughout the year, like Valentine's Day and Canada Day, it's hard to decorate without it turning out too tacky. Now, St. Patrick's Day is coming up and we wanted to share some more tasteful and inexpensive ways to incorporate the festive green and clover designs in your home. Hopefully you'll want to have some of these up all month long!

Festive wreaths definitely work for St. Patty's too! You get a hint of the clover without it being too in your face. How fun is putting your last initial on the clover as well? Such a personal touch!

How cute are these!? Kimberly of A Wonderful Thought takes you through the steps to make these festive garlands. You could easily match the fabric to your existing decor to ensure it flows perfectly.

Add a splash of green to your countertop with a darling cake tray! Love this touch of gold by wrapping treats in in gold foil.

Source: Etsy

Mason Jars are always such an easy DIY project to personalize for every ocassion. Pick your favourite flower to brighten up your space!

Source: Kendra Bester Design

I love decoring our apartment for each ocassion! Little touches of green throughout the space really bring the vision to life. We actually discovered the candle sticks from a little local thrift store, and the pillows are from Zara Home! Mix your green tones throughout the space to add a touch of character. Bring out any green books you might have on your book shelf, and any trinkets or bowls to accessorize.

Source: BHG

Hosting a breakfast, lunch, or diner party on the Sunday? Incorporate touches of green through natural foliage and plates! Don't forget to accent with gold to take it to the next level.

Get in the festive mood by doing a little art project! You could definitely recreate this look with any backdrop and a stencil, freehand, or stamp! I love the vintage feel of this look. Bring some luck of the Irish into your home.

Source: Wayfair

Keep the festive look going in your bedroom with green sheets! This colour is so nice going into spring as well.

Source: Kendra Bester Design

Tea Towels are one of our favourite things to use for making our space ready for any ocassion or season. It's such an inexpensive way to switch up your decor.

Share your St. Patrick's Day inspired home decor with us! Use the hashtag #KBDinspired so we can find your posts!

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