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The Apartment Before Pictures - Lots to do!

Here are some pictures to give you a brief tour of my tiny new apartment in Downtown Toronto. It is quite small but perfect for two people. I love all the old charm! The building was built in 1937 and has some unique and great features. I cannot wait to start decorating and show everyone my design hacks to help make use of a small space.

This is my front door, the main entrance is quite spacious and equipped with 3 larger closets perfect for lots of storage.

As you can see it is very spacious for a one-bedroom apartment. This closet is positioned right in between the bathroom and bedroom.

Everything is mainly white - timeless and clean looking - inside our teeny tiny, one and only bathroom.

This narrow hallway is only 32" wide and seperates the front hall (where the bathroom and bedroom are) from the living room and kitchen. It will be challenging to get all of the furniture through here!

Our bedroom fits a queen bed just right! Every inch of space must be used to its full potential...

View from the living room of the kitchen nook.

This side of the kitchen contains the only cabinets I have, unfortunately. That is the price you pay for living in the big city! Got a few ideas up my sleeve on how best to store kitchenware, dishes and glasses with such limited storage...

The opposite side of the kitchen has a lovely window that faces west so I can cook dinner in the sunlight this summer :)

The oringal broom closet in the kitchen is able to fit two brooms and a fold-down ironing board. A clever add-on!

This is the main living area, showing the window opposite the fireplace. (If you look to my last blog post you will see that I have already added a fresh coat of paint to this area and moved in the couch and area rug sewn from multiple, flatwoven Ikea rugs).

And finally the fabulous built-in, art decor fireplace with large mirror. This will make decorating for holidays interesting.

There is so much potential for design in this space and I cannot wait to show you my progress. Stay tuned for more pictures on the transformation of this little apartment into my own little paradise in the big city!



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