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Top 5 DIY Holiday Crafts

It is always nice to have personalized touches in your home, especially during the holiday season. This is the time where we want to spend as much time with our family and friends as possible, so having activities to do together is always a must! What better way than to do some DIY projects that are inexpensive and fun to make. So turn on a cheesy Netflix holiday movie and make some festive beverages and get crafting!

Snowflake String Art - Inspo from Pinterest

With just a few nails and some string, you'll have a seasonal symbol in no time!

Wooden Holiday Sign - Inspo from Etsy

Whatever your favourite holiday themed saying or word, you can add it to some recycled wood for a great DIY sign! We have one that says "Noel"!

Build Your Own Wreath - Inspo from Pinterest

There are so many options out there for wreaths, so why not make it to exactly to your liking! A coloured ribbon can also help bring out whatever colour theme you have going on in your home for a great flow. Just pick up some greenery and a circle base to get you started.

Of course we had to add a DIY ornament where you can include your furbaby or your actual baby! A paw print or hand print brings that personalized touch to your tree. Make your ornaments more sentimental and share the experience with your kiddos!

Greenery Accent - Inspo from Pinterest

We all need a little greenery from the outside brought in! Whether it is for your fireplace mantel, a coffee table, or a shelf, this DIY will be the perfect touch!

Let us know on our latest Instagram or Facebook post about this blog what your favourite DIY is to do with friends and/or family! We'd love to see what you come up with as well, so tag us in your posts @kendrabesterdesign!


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