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5 Rules That Differ in Every Household

Have you ever gone over to a friend's house and thought that they way they run their house is totally different than yours and is something you could never imagine? Culture and upbringing have so much to do with how habits and rules form in the household. We thought it would be fun and interesting to go through 5 house rules that differ in every household...

1. Shoes on or off in the house?

This is probably one of the biggest controversial house rule there is! Do you wear your shoes inside the house? Taking your shoes off is a tradition in many Asian countries and some European countries. People in the United States and in warmer regions of the world tend to wear their shoes inside the house. It's always a confusing thing stepping into someone's house and not knowing what to do with your shoes!

2. Flat sheet or no flat sheet on the bed?

The great bedding debate... to use or not to use a flat sheet? Some people see the flat sheet as a necessary layer to keep their duvet cover clean and to complete their well made bed while others think it is pointless and will just get tangled up during their sleep. Flat sheets also do allow you to layer some beautiful blankets and coverlets that would otherwise get dirty and would be hard to clean without the use of a buffer sheet.

3. Rinse dishes right away or wait until it piles up?

Are you one to rinse the dishes and put them straight into the dishwasher right away after you use them or wait until they pile up in the sink? Some people hate the sight of dirty dishes in the sink, but some think that it's a hassle to wash or rinse after every meal... what do you think?

4. Keeping your toaster on the counter or in storage?

Do you keep your toaster on the counter or only take it out from your cupboards when you need to use it? Keeping your toaster on the counter can get messy looking, but what if you have an attractive looking toaster? It's all up to personal taste!

5. Keeping your toilet seat cover up or down

Does everyone in your household keep the cover down?Keeping the toilet seat cover down prevents things from falling into the toilet, provides child and pet safety and is hygienic! Putting the cover down before flushing keeps all bacteria in the toilet.

Thanks for joining us on the blog this week...what do you guys think of these 5 controversial house rules?

Until next time!

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