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Holiday Lunch For Two!

Hello again,

Today I am taking the time to sit down for lunch with a friend and unwind. It is a beautiful time of year and it can be lots of fun to entertain even if you're just hosting one person.

During the holidays it can be busy and it's easy to get stressed out. Having a simple holiday lunch to catch up with a friend can be the perfect way to relax for an hour or so.

Setting the table with a simple colour scheme helps to make you feel relaxed. I put some cookies out on a cake-stand and some mints in a silver flower dish to make my guest feel welcome.

This is the view my guest gets when walking into my living room towards my small dining table.

There you have it! A simple lunch for two before the holidays... Now I have some soup and sandwiches to serve!

Next I will take you into my small kitchen -- where I managed to add some holiday decor to! Can't wait to start baking some Christmas treats!



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