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KBD Team Retreat at The Blue Huron

Since we gained a team member at Kendra Bester Design, we thought it was the perfect time to head back to the cottage for a mini getaway to bond and build content. The Blue Huron was visited by many guests over the summer, but this time it was our turn to enjoy the views and the cozy cottage!

It was Yivian's second time vistiting the cottage, but Alison's first so

here is her first impression:

"When I drove up to the snowy laneway, I immediately noticed the small and intimate atmosphere of the area. You instantly feel at ease and relaxed, the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Blue Huron was tucked into the trees, as if it was meant to be there. When I first walked into the cottage, I was surprised of how open and airy it felt. I had seen many photos, but being there was a completely different experience. It was very spacious, cozy, and functional. I couldn't believe how many people it could fit! I chose to sleep in the bird/nature themed room where my view was the snow kissed trees. It reminded me of the views at the cottage I visited growing up so I loved that nostalgic aspect to it.

The views from the back porch were stunning! We lucked out because the few days we were there it was snowy and mostly sunny. There were lots of spots to explore and the streets were quiet so walking around was enjoyable.

It was so much fun to decorate for Christmas, bake, and make festive cocktails! Overall, The Blue Huron did not disappoint!"

A big thank you goes out to Zach My husband for helping us with a few shots, including this one where we're enjoying our Cranberry Moscow Mules and watching Elf!


It was someone else's first time being at the cottage,

and let's just say he definitely did not want to leave...

This is Beau's first winter as well! He absolutely loves it and had so much fun exploring the grounds.

You bet he was sleeping half the time, his favourite activity! If you've seen him on his Instagram @st.beaunard, you'll know he's the ultimate snoozing machine.

Our little family of now three, Zach, Beau, and myself are looking forward to spending some more time at the cottage over the winter before the busy season of it being an AirBnB! We had so much fun on our retreat and can't wait to share more of the content we made on our social media!

Photos by our Social Media Coordinator, Alison!

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The Blue Huron

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