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How to Update Your Tile - Rental Friendly

A quick fix to update your tile to make a space feel bigger and brighter.

One of the first projects in my new apartment was to give the kitchen and bathroom a cleaner and fresher look by changing the grout colour. The grout was quite dark and contrasted starkly with the off-white and grey kitchen tiles and the solid white bathroom tiles. This made each space seem smaller.

I first attempted to clean the grout with OxiClean but it didn't work. Instead, I decided to paint the grout with these handy pens from Lowe's. Blue Hawk sells these packs of two Grout Coating Pens for $6.99. I was able to complete the kitchen and bathroom tiles with just 3 pens.

How to use the Grout Coating Pen:

1. Start by giving your floor a good cleaning--hand wash and scrub down the floor and grout so no dirt gets stuck in the coating.

2. Wait until floor and grout are completely dry.

3. Press down on the tip of the pen to activate the liquid coating.

4. Once the tip of the pen is wet you can begin colouring your grout.

Tip: If you get any on the tile just wipe away with an old damp cloth. (Don't worry it comes off easily!)

5. Wait for it to dry and repeat to touch-up areas that are still appear dark.

6. Wait 1 hr and handwash your floor once more to make sure all the liquid grout is removed from your tiles.

Colouring away!

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after:

Bathroom before:

Bathroom after:

Already a great improvement, making the spaces feel bigger, cleaner, and brighter!

Stay tuned for more posts on a house that I am in the process of flipping. I will be sharing some of the construction process which includes exterior design and floor plan changes.



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