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How to Successfully Incorporate Mixed Metals Into Your Home

When you are in the process of renovating your home, the most important thing you are worrying about is probably choosing the right materials! Choosing the right materials is such an important part of the design both functionally and aesthetically. It can be intimidating choosing the main materials for your home such as flooring or wall materials. When we’re thinking about the materials of hardware, fixtures and accessories, it’s okay to let loose and have a little fun with it! Mixing metals in your home can make your space look so much more interesting and less of a builder basic.

Design by: Elizabeth Rogers Architecture and Design

Photography: Unknown

Elizabeth Rogers complements her kitchen design by adding just a few elements that make a big difference in the space!

She chooses stainless steell to be her dominant metal (the french range and the kitchen hood) and the brass pendants and cabinetry hardware to be her secondary metal.

Design by: Christina's Adventures

Photography: Unknown

When you mix metals, try to consider the design style of your space. Choose a couple or a few metals that you like to incorporate in your design. You don't want to end up with a space that looks unstructured!

Design by: Shea McGee Design

Photography: Unknown

The bathroom design by Shea McGee Design is simplistic, yet very elegant! The bathroom is kept very neutral and cool with the silver faucet, mirror, wall hooks, countertop and even the wall colour. The pop of brass on the sconces adds an element of interest and compliments the darker wood cabinetry which just ties the whole space together.

Design by: Jean Stoffer Design

Photography: Unknown

Jean Stoffer uses the two brass wall-mounts as an accent in this kitchen design. The brass light fixtures add some colour to the space, compliment the warmer tones in the space and make it much more appealing! This kitchen is a play on warm and cool tones and the mixing of metals completely works in this space. The black window trims work to ground the space, give sophistication and depth to the space.

Design by: Courtney Barton

Photography: Jenny Anthill Clifton

Mixing metals is like putting a puzzle together; you just have to find the right pieces that can be put together to build a beautiful space!

We hope that you enjoyed today's blog.. Stay tuned for many more to come!




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