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The Blue Huron Custom Star Map!

Hello everyone!

It has been so busy at the office that we had just got around to hanging up this beautiful star map that we have been wanting to hang up at the cottage for a while! We thought it fit the cottage perfectly with navy blue colour... and those stars! The Blue Huron is the perfect place for star gazing at night, so it just seemed right to bring the stars inside as well.

We ended up framing it in a white matted sleek silver frame to match the other finishes in the cottage.

The date January 19, 2018 is special because that is the day we got the keys to the cottage! The star map shows us exactly how the sky looked that night. Thank you Modern Map Art for personalizing this special piece of artwork for the cottage!

We ended up finding the perfect spot for it in the bottom level hallway right at the end of the staircase.

Be sure to check out Modern Map Art if you want to create your own one of a kind star map to remember a special day in your life!

Until next time!

Sponsored by Modern Map Art

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