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Top 5 Inspiring Film Sets

1. Somethings Gotta Give 

This 2003 movie starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson has the most inspiring beach house set in the Hamptons. Even though it was more than 10 years ago, the team of set designers and decorators did such an amazing job keeping the style so classic and timeless that it is still relevant in today's design world. The exterior was filmed on location in Southampton, but all the interiors were built and shot on a soundstage.  

This living room set is so beautifully timeless...who wouldn't want to live here?! The soft blue linen sofa, the warm wood and rattan accents, the beautiful cream drapes to the gorgeous wall of french patio doors with the perfect backyard pool backdrop. It is just perfect! 

Everything looks put together, but so effortless and natural at the same time. The relaxed seating arrangement is pulled together by this iconic blue and white striped rug. It was sold after the movie was filmed at an auction and there are still replicas of this rug out there that you could still buy!

The perfect exterior poolside shot of the beach house with cream lounge chairs and blue striped throw pillows. 

These Lee Jofa slip covers are so beautiful... The soft blues-greens of the print and bow ties are so timeless and feminine. The sisal rug creates a more relaxed and natural feel compared to a wool rug and it works wonders in this classic dining room. The white built ins with beadboard wainscotting behind showcases the collection of ironstone so beautifully too. 

2. Marley & Me 

This old stone Pennsylvania Farmhouse is so beautiful! They don't make houses like these anymore. The house is located in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania and built in 1830. With such a gorgeous exterior, it definitely has great neighbourhood curb appeal!

3. Home Alone 

This classic red brick house is located in Illinois, and can still be recognized today as "the Home Alone house!" The beautiful porch and classic symmetry exudes elegance... 

 The interior is dated but is still decorated with such classic elements. The set designers wanted to go for a really Christmas-y feel and went all out with the reds and greens! We wouldn't normally do this to our houses...but thankfully, the designers did because can anyone think of a movie that embodies Christmas more than Home Alone?!

4. The Family Stones 

This 1860s colonial house in Connecticut was home to the Stone family in The Family Stone movie. How amazing is that wrap around porch? The house was last sold in 2008 for 4 million!

 The interior was designed to be extremely cluttered to reflect the personality of the Stone family. Although, at times it was hard to see what the interior actually looked like through all the clutter, you can make out some beautiful and classic elements such as this vintage island butcher block!

 The movie showed so many family gatherings in this house and as a designer, that's all we want to see... a family enjoying and bringing personality into a space we design. 

5. Life As We Know It 

The 2010 movie Life as We Know it starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel was set in this picturesque colonial style house set in Atlanta, Georgia. The classic style house with a perfectly landscape yard gets major curb appeal! 

This kitchen is such a balanced blend between modern and traditional! White cabinets with glass uppers and soapstone countertop is never a bad idea. The warm and modern accents through the bamboo romans and woven counter stools add some personality into the kitchen! 

Katherine Heigl's character, Holly, owns a bakery, so it was important that the designers included working appliances in the kitchen set to show her actually cooking. We think anyone would want to cook in that kitchen! 

 Even the backyard of the house is perfectly picturesque. Imagine winding down here with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

We hope you enjoyed our little run through of our top 5 most beautiful, inspiring film sets! We love these sets and are going to keep our eyes peeled for more beautiful sets in some upcoming movies...

Until next time! 

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