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Our Guide On How To Mix and Match Tiles in Your Space

Choosing the right tiles is an important decision in every project we do. Tiles are an essential in high traffic areas such as entryways, bathrooms and kitchens. Mixing and matching different tiles can give your space depth and character. There are so many tile options out there that the options and combinations are truly endless! We'll be sharing with you a few different types of tiles that we often use in projects. Read on for tips and inspiration on how to choose and mix tiles in your home!

Marble Subway Tiles

Is there anything more elegant than marble tiles?! Marble tiles come in a wide range of different size, colours and veining so you are bound to find one you really like. This timeless material is light reflecting so when installed in your space, it can make it seem more bright and spacious than it actually is. Marble tile is a great option to use as your backsplash in a kitchen. It makes your kitchen seem bigger and if pairing it with a marble countertop, it flows effortlessly together. Marble is naturally a very porous material, so definitely give it the care and maintenance it needs once in a while to keep it looking like new.

Source: Pinterest

Spanish Tiles

Spanish tiles are definitely one of the most popular tiles this year! We are seeing it being used mostly in bathrooms, laundry rooms and entries. "Spanish tiles" is a term used generally for ceramic tiles with traditional Spanish or Mexican design. Spanish tiles are known for their bright colours, intricate design and fun personality! They really can liven up and give character to your space.

Source: Pinterest

This space uses a monochromatic take on Spanish Tiles and even though the tiles don't give the space any colour, the organic pattern alone just brings life into the space! Ceramic tiles are durable so the tiles are even extended into the shower. A smaller scale white subway tile is paired with it on the shower wall because the floor is already so busy. This makes the floor the focal point of the space.

Source: Ali Budd Interiors

These blue Spanish tiles are just amazing in this shower niche! Pairing different Spanish tile patterns together work in this shower because it's only used in a small portion of the space - it looks like a framed art piece built right into your wall! Again, using a neutral white subway tile with Spanish tiles is ideal in a bathroom because you don't want to visually overload your space.

Geometric Tiles