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How To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

A lot of people choose private rentals like Airbnb or Homeaway over hotels because they are looking for that unique different experience to remember. People who rent private rentals are often looking for something new, exciting and unusual. Since private rentals are becoming more popular and more in demand, rental owners will find it challenging to stand out.. However, for all rental owners out there, we want to make it easier for you to have a unique rental space. Therefore, we will give you some tips to make your place stand out!

1. Keep It Neutral and Simple

When it comes to decorate your space, we suggest that you keep it simple by choosing neutral paint colours, furniture, etc.. Neutrals will make your space cozy and relaxing. It is also easy to clean!! You will have a lot of people coming to your place with different preferences; so try to keep it simple.. And by choosing neutral colours, you are sure to win as many guests as you can!

2. Pay Attention To The Quality

Your guests will appreciate the level of comfort you will provide them with. Try to keep your rental very clean at all times. For extra credits, try to furnish your space with some nice decent furniture. Also, stock your place with good quality mattresses, fine linens, nice dinnerware sets, utensils, cups, good scents and your space will definitely stand out!

3. Make It Homey and Charming

To make your rental more comfortable for guests, you can stock up your bathroom with supplies that they will need like shampoo, toothpaste, etc.. You can also supply your fridge with some groceries and snacks to be a super-host! Besides, you can exceed their expectations by equipping them with all information they need to know, for instance, useful maps, helpful tips, activities to do and places to go in the neighbourhood, can be a good thought!

4. Add A Personal Touch

Grab people's attention with something special! Make your rental memorable; don't be afraid to decorate and personalize your space by adding your personal touch! You can add art works, decorative pillows, vases, flowers and throws!

There are no limits to what you can do to make your rental be unique and memorable. Just remember the key words for standing out: Neutral, simple, clean, quality, homey and personalized! We hope that you enjoyed today's blog! Stay tuned for many more to come!



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