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Top 5 Decorator Pet Peeves

Ever have those things that drive you crazy time and time again. Well, I have a few of them that happen to drive me up the wall when I see people doing them in their own homes. Here are my top 5 Pet Peeves as a decorator that make me go bananas. If you have any of these things in your house try to fix them ASAP.. I guarantee you will love your space that much more!

1. Matching Furniture Sets

PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!! I don't want to see a matching bedroom suite or a matching coffee table and end table set in your bedroom. In my book and in the history of decorating I don't think this has ever been a thing. If you do this it will look like your room is from an old Sear's catalogue and there is a reason why Sear's in now out of business here in Canada. Just please STOP and try to not have everything so matchy.

2. Tiny Area Rugs

If you can't afford to spend money on an area rug that fits your space please just don't buy one!!!!! Area rugs are suppose to anchor your furniture so at least the front legs of your furniture should be sitting on the rug. You are trying to define the space with an area rug and bring all your furniture together so your room looks cohesive. When you place an area rug that just sits under your coffee table, it passes off like it divides up the space. It also looks like you have small lonely island in the middle of your room for your coffee table. Small area rugs chop up the space and make it seem smaller.

3. Large faux leather sectionals

I know people want the best bang for their buck, but seriously do you really need to buy the biggest sectional you can find to fill up your whole space? Sectionals shouldn't be the go to for your living room. They can divide a space easily, interrupt traffic and they can be really bad for creating a conversational area. On top of it being a massive piece of furniture, it is faux leather which will look terrible over time and faux leather eventually flakes off and you are left wearing bits of faux leather on your clothing.

4. Furniture around the perimeter of a room

I see this way too often! It is like people are scared to put their furniture anywhere BUT around the perimeter of the room. Why are you so scared to put something floating off of a wall, do you really need that much room for activity in the middle of the room? We want to be able to see your baseboards, please don't line all walls with furniture!

5. Bad Light Fixtures

There are so many bad light fixtures out there and I blame the big box stores for this. A lot of the lights they have in stock are terrible and the general public buy them because it is the only option they have. But the worst light is the terrible boob/dome light fixture that almost every house had or still does have. Please do me a favour and go to the store and replace it with something that cost more then $9.99. Builders get these lights so cheap and they put them in your house instead of putting just a single light bulb in your ceiling. Also the light bulb matters people!! Don't use CFL curie cue light bulbs that will make everything look yellow and hurt your eyes when you look at them. If you are using a LED bulb pick a warm light at 2700K, we don't need things look blue in your home either.

So that is my rant of the Top 5 decorator pet peeves. I might need another blog to share with the world because there are still more pet peeves. I can only hope people stop making these mistakes!

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