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Irish Home Decor

Since St Patrick's Day is right around the corner, today we will introduce to you some aspects of Irish home decor! When we think of Irish homes, most likely we think of serene cottages in the woods.. This thought is somewhat true. Traditional Irish cottages are indeed exceptional. There are many elements that make them stand out and make their exteriors and interiors extraordinary! In this blog, we will discover a few of their secrets to home decor!

The roof, the exterior and the interior walls:

The Irish thatched and stone rooftop is one of the main aspects that characterizes an authentic Irish cottage. It is very unique and beautiful! An Irish cottage is defined by some masculine and feminine elements. For instance, we get that masculine feel by the use of stones in the exterior and the interior as well. Light coloured stones are usually used to give a simple unique look. They can also be whitewashed for a more authentic look.

The windows treatments:

Windows are commonly covered with floral print curtains. A floral print valance can also be added on the bottom half of the window. An Irish lace can be added to the curtain sheer to add more traditional feel to it!

The doors:

Some Irish cottages use two exterior doors. They are also distinguished by the use of a half door which is known as the Dutch door. A half door is a door that has two openings; it can either be open from the top or from the bottom. The function of a half door is useful because the top can be used to air the cottage, while the bottom can stay closed for security!

The unique characteristics:

Its open floor to ceiling concept defines a one-story Irish cottage. That concept lead to the use of uncovered ceiling beams. The beams became a part of the main elements that completes an Irish interior. In most cases, beams are made of wood or faux-wood, they can also be painted in a darker colour to give depth to the room.

Natural paint colours are mostly used in a traditional Irish cottage, such as green, white, red and brown. A darker shade can be used for contrast!