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How To Space Your Pot Lights

This is a topic that comes up often when I help a client with a major renovation - Recessed lighting A.K.A pot lights

"How many pot lights do a I need? How far should they be spaced apart? Do I even need pot lights?"

Everything about pot lights spacing can be hard to figure out because everyone's living spaces are so different.

Too many pot lights can look terrible and too little pot lights can set the wrong mood with too many shadows and can make a space feel way too dark. To make it a bite easier, we have created this simple guide to help everyone who is considering putting in pot lights!

In most cases you want to make sure your pot lights are between 5 to 9 feet apart because you want to avoid having bright spots with overlapping direct beams. As designers, we don't recommend using pot lights as your only source of light because you can use a combination of pot lights, pendants, lamps and task lighting to create the right mood in the space.

It is also very important to identify the purpose of the room usage. For example, you probably want the light brighter in your kitchen or your bathroom than it would be in your living room or bedroom. Lighting in a space can be flexible by using dimmers or adjustable recessed luminaires; so if you want to change the mood in your room, you can consider these options!

Just remember to follow the 5 to 9 foot apart rule for 8 foot ceiling and you won't end up with a run way of lights on your ceiling.... like this :(

The beauty in planning a place is considering all the elements that completes a well balanced design. Lighting is a huge part of design because it has a big impact on how a space will turn out. So please don't overcrowd your ceiling with pot lights we don't need your space look like a UFO from outer space; because there are other ways to bring light into your room then just pot lights! I hope that our guide will be useful to you when planning your next renovation.

Stay tuned for more blogs on the way!


Kendra and the KBD Team

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