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6 Items Designers Would Buy at IKEA

Creating beautiful interiors is a unique art with endless possibilities. It gives us the power to express ourselves and the ability to set the character and mood of our own spaces! There can be countless solutions to achieve the results we are looking for.

In order to accomplish the results we are looking for, we often spend a lot of money on items that we think will look great with the space. However, there are ways to create a well designed space with a high end effect without going over your budget! We can do this buy strategically balancing our budget. We can spend more money on those crucial pieces that absolutely defines your space and spend less on elements that can be still as effective at a lower price. Paying less doesn't mean that the items you're buying are cheap; you can still pay less and find high quality products - you just have to know where to look! One of our top places to go to look for basic essentials is IKEA! IKEA offers a wide variety of basic products that are inexpensive, yet they do an amazing job at pulling together any project. They can be easily incorporated to complete any design style.

To make shopping for these essential pieces a little easier for you, we are going to introduce to you our top 6 affordable items that we love from IKEA!

Rug, flatwoven, natural

The Osted flat woven rug can pull together a design while maintaining simplicity. It is super durable because it’s made from a natural fiber that is woven tightly. It limits rips from high traffic areas. It also looks the same on both sides, so if you happen to get a stubborn stain on one side, you can turn it on the other side! It’s very reasonably priced and it comes in a variety of sizes to suit your space. We are using it here in the KBD office as a simple solution to cover the existing industrial carpet that just wasn’t fitting our style. We have had it for over a year and a half and can attest to its durability! We just love it!

Seen here in the KBD Office

Rug, flatwoven, natural

If you are looking for a more casual jute rug with a thicker texture, this one is perfect for you! It is still super affordable and comes in many different sizes. It provides a high end look of a jute rug that can cost thousands of dollars. Jute is a recyclable, durable material, like the sizal rug. However, if you are looking for a more durable rug, the OSTED sizal rug is much more durable than the LOHAL jute rug!

Bedspread, white

If you are looking for a 100% cotton, breathable simple white bedspread, this one is perfect. We have used this in multiple design projects and it washes and wears really well. The woven plaid detail adds a little touch of texture, which makes it more interesting if you don't want to use just a plain simple white one! It is extremely affordable and it gives you a high end hotel look.

Seen here in this project and Kendra's using it on her bed in her apartment!

Inner cushion, off-white

At Kendra Bester Design, we only use down pillow fills or faux down fills for our projects. We know it can be a little more expensive than using the standard polyester fills, but IKEA offers affordable duck feather filling that we love to use to make custom pillows more affordable for our clients. They come in 3 different standard sizes 26”x26", 20”x20" and 16”x26" and are perfect for filling pre-made or custom pillow covers. They can be fluffed and don't go flat and lumpy like a cheap polyester fill.

Lamp shade, white

Lamp shade, white

The Jära lamp shade can be easily personalized; it can dress up any table or floor lamp. The light is beautifully filtered through the lamp shade, which creates a warm, cozy atmosphere in any room! It comes in different sizes, and it is an affordable product that can be incorporated with any type of design!

Curtains, 1 pair, white

Curtains, 1 pair, white

If you're looking for an inexpensive, simple white drapery panels, the Vivan IKEA panels are perfect for you! They can be hung with a tap on the back or hung with drapery hooks from the pleating tape from the back of the panel. If you want to customize even more, you can bring them to a sewing workroom to be professionally hemmed and pleated at the top to give them a custom look.

We hope that you enjoyed browsing through our top 6 affordable items from IKEA. We love using these essential pieces ourselves and for client projects!

Stay tuned for more blogs coming up!



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