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A Day For Love

Valentine's Day is a very special holiday; simply because it is an opportunity to show your loved ones your love and appreciation. Today at Kendra Bester Design, we also wanted to share some love with our followers out there! We decided to have some fun with a playful valentines photoshoot and have a little party in office to show you some decoration ideas to share your love with your beloved ones!

Because Valentine's Day is all about love, we focused on preparing a small sweet table. We added some Vanilla pink sprinkle dipped donuts from Tim Hortons, cupcakes, mints, and of course we can't forget the Hershey's kisses and the heart shaped Lindt chocolate!

To attain a special romantic vibe, we added light coral gerbera daisies flowers accompanied with some greenery to balance out the colours. And finally to lighten up the mood, we didn't forget to toss-in a champagne bottle!

We accented our table with KBD "Cupids Arrows" tea towels, find them in the shop here.

It only takes e a simple act to pamper your loved ones and make them feel special. Remember the small gestures are the most appreciated, just because good things come in little packages..!

We hope that you enjoyed our today's appreciation post. Stay tuned for more blogs on the way!



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