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Top 5 Spring Design Trends of 2018

Every new year, new trends come out and like any design industry, interior design has new surprises for us! People look for new ideas to decorate their houses because they're truly desiring a change. Therefore, the new interior design trends this year are aiming for some exciting changes and for a timeless feel. This blog is going to introduce to you some of the new trends that came out this year, that you can apply when decorating!

1. Bold Floral Prints

When it comes to flowers, I think that everyone (or almost everyone) would agree that we just love them! They bring us joy and happiness simply by looking at them.. We see flowers outdoor and in the gardens; but don't we wish to be surrounded by them indoors? I think the answer is ... yes! That's why one of the main new trends this year is Bold Floral Prints!

The Bold Floral Prints can be used for wallpapers, fabrics or anything that we dream of! What is so good about this trend is that it is classic, timeless, fun, it adds colours and brings any interior alive! Just remember that the beauty in trends is not to overdo it!

Anthropologie Catologue

In the picture above by Anthropologie Catalogue, they used a beautiful Bold Floral Print as a wallpaper. It is original, very unique and daring! It definitely makes a statement in the room that you just fall in love with!

Anthropologie Chair

Anthropologie Catalogue is showing us a different example of using Bold Floral Prints with fabrics. If you want to use that trend in a simpler way, simply add an accent chair to your interiors with this beautiful Bold Floral Print fabric, a piece that will never go out of style.

2. Statement Ceilings

If you're looking for a dramatic effect that adds an adventurous statement to your interior, the Statement Ceiling trend is definitely the one for you! When we think of statement ceilings, what comes to mind is luxury that creates a magical experience. There are different ways to make a statement ceiling, the easiest way is to paint the ceiling to give a punch to the room, just be aware of strong colours.. Another way is Wallpapered Statement Ceiling, which can be fashionable depending on the pattern you choose!

In this home office the a bold wallpaper was used on the ceiling to create a wow statement. Image sourced from Pinterest.

The picture above shows how the Wallpapered Statement Ceiling compliments the room painting really well.

3. Mixed Metals

Moreover, this year, designers are introducing us to mixing metals! Mixing metals add a little diversion to your home. To create a visually balanced space, try to choose a dominant and a secondary metal. Also to achieve the best result of a well balanced visually structured room, try to even up warm and cool tones!

Design by RC Studio shows us how the use of the dominant and the secondary metal can be used. The main emphasis, in the picture, revolves around the brass pendants and it is complemented by the secondary metal that is the nickel kitchen hardware.

Photo from an Issue of House Beautiful, Designed by Shaun Smith shows ages brass on the vanity and polished nickel on the wall sconces.

Designed by Dan Mazzarini from BHDMDesign shows polished nickel on the light fixtures and cabinet hardware and brass not he stove and range hood.

4. Darker cabinetry

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets; we usually lean towards choosing light colours because we know it is a safe choice. However, in 2018, designers are bringing dark cabinets into light for one simple reason; dark cabinets add richness to kitchens and they add a certain depth that you cannot attain with light colour!