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How To Style Your Bed

At Kendra Bester Design we believe that styling a bed is very important because it is considered to be an essential piece in decorating any bedroom; that is why we have to pay attention on how to style it. We also believe that styling a bed should be easy and quite simple. This blog is going to show you how to decorate your bed with just a few tips!

Start by choosing a nice cotton sheet set (preferably in white or neutral tones). First step on making a bed is placing the fitted cotton sheet, the top sheet and the two pillow cases of your choice! After placing the sheet, add a white coverlet covering most of the bed with a colourful duvet or a large throw folded at the end of the bed to put on a bit of colour. You can also personalize your bed in a different way by adding a white duvet cover covering most of the bed with a colour coverlet or large throw folded at the end of the bed.

A lot of people still choose the standard rectangle pillow shams because they are used to the traditional look; however, I think that by toping the bed with square shams (aka euro shams) it will add a unique charm to it! If you are wondering how many euro shams can you add to your bed; here are some suggestions. If you have a twin bed, don't clutter it.. add just one euro sham! For a double and a queen bed you can add two euro shams. And for those who have a king bed, you have plenty of space to add three euro shams! Just remember that the square pillow shams are used for comfort, but also to decorate so don't clutter your bed with too many of them! To finalize your bed decor, you can place one or two smaller pillows in front of the square euro shams to accent the look of your beautiful bed!

The next few pictures will illustrate the steps to decorate your bed by making it unique and personal!

In the photo above, we chose a colour scheme that incorporate the lilac and the fuchsia tones. We used a white coverlet to cover most of the bed. We placed the lilac duvet at the end of the bed to give it a little bit of colour. Then we put on the custom made fuchsia euro shams with contrasting purple piping to add a pop of colour. Then we layered on the white fuzzy pillow, then two more custom made pillows with an geometric pattern and plaid pattern.

Design by Lindye Galloway

This bedroom designed by Lindye Galloway shows another way to display your bed. The designer chose to cover most of the bed with the coloured duvet, instead of having it folded at the end of the bed. Having the duvet covering the bed or having it folded at the end are two different ways to style your bed; they are equally refined ways to decorate, it is only a matter of personal choice!

Design by Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors also covers the bed with this beautiful neutral coverlet, and tops it off with this patterned blanket and rectangular shams to give the bed a little bit of colour contrasts. An accent pillow is placed in the front to link the neutral coverlet and the rectangular shams with the coloured duvet, also to emphasize on the simplicity of the bed.

Design by Studio McGee

Studio McGee is showing us another bedroom that portrays simplicity can be the key to a beautiful room. You can simply personalize it a little by just adding some decorative elements to it, such as the plaid euro shams, the accent pillows and the throw at the end of the bed!

Design by Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson illustrates another simplistic design that is elegantly well put together. You don't always have to go with a plain sheet set; however, by choosing a sheet set with a pattern you give a different feel to your bedroom. Especially if your headboard is plain and simple. By staying in the same colour scheme, you can simply compliment your patterned sheet set with a white coverlet and that all you need to have a beautiful styled bed!

Designed by Kendra Bester Design

Kendra Kept her bedding simple with a white coverlet that covers the bed. She adds two square accent pillows, a pink linen and a white linen decorative pillow with red hearts hand painted by an Senay Studio!

We hope that you enjoyed our tips on how to style your bed and make a stunning piece out of it. Stay tuned for more blogs coming up!



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