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Ardmay Living Room Project

Back today to share with you our latest exciting project! This young couple just moved in their new house that has a traditional feel and they needed help to change up their new living room to a new transitional style. They wanted to keep the traditional room layout but change the style a little bit by adding a contemporary ambience to the room. In order to to achieve that mix of styles, we decided to go with a traditional handmade Persian rug that ties the room beautifully together with contemporary furniture. To give the room a little bit more life, we placed some darker accent pieces that stands out and compose a nice contrast, such as the mirror, the lamp shade and the coffee table.



The plain grey sofa adds a neutral element to the room and balances out the other exciting furniture pieces, like the accent chairs with geometric and paisley fabric.

The Paisley accent chairs were chosen to be in a smaller scale than the rest of the furniture, to give more space to the room and also not block the way to the sunroom.