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Festive Candy Apples

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Over the weekend my Friend Rox-Anne from Celebrating This Life and I got together at my parents house. To make some festive Candy apples just in time for Halloween. It actually pretty quick and easy to do and they look and taste fabulous!

Rox-Anne bought over a basket of fresh apples from a local farm and some pastel pumpkins in light green and light orange that we have been seeing everywhere on IG this year!

We first started by making traditional candy apple with corn strach and sugar, for the recipe we followed this one here.

The key is to have a candy thermometer to make sure you have the mixture at the perfect temperature for dipping which is 145 C.

The candy mixture harden with in seconds so if you were going to decorate them it had to be right away.

Also sugar crystals can form on the side of the sauce pan when bringing the mixture to a boil. So it best to baste the side of the pan with water to stop the crystals from forming.

Next we made white chocolate dipped candy apples. Theses are so simple we just took baking white chocolate squares that you can buy from any grocery store. Melted them in a double boiler over the stove top and added in a little bit of vegetable shortening to thin the consistency of the chocolate for dipping the apples.

We topped the white chocolate apples with crushed Reese's Pieces, gold sprinkles and pink rockets to keep in our colour scheme of the on trend pastel pumpkins. We dripped whole apples and just apple slices with tooth picks for an easy finger food option to bring to a halloween party. We soaked the apples slices in a bowl of lemon juice and water then dried them off before dipping them in the chocolate to avoid them from turning brown.

For packaging we grabbed clear cookie bags from our local dollar store and they were the perfect size for the candy apples.

Tied bows on the sticks of the apples for added decoration. We went with orange, pink and gold ribbon to go for a more glamour girly halloween, rather then a spooky halloween that we have been seeing everywhere!

Overall it was fun girls afternoon with some great laugher, great company and lots of sweets! These candy apples are a great way to get into the halloween spirt and use some of the delicious apples that are in harvest season at the end of October.

I hope everyone has great Halloween filled with lots of good memories and just enough candy to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Now you need to head over to Rox-Anne blog post to see more details!





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