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Lemon Drop Party with Celebrating This Life!

Hello again,

It has been awhile... social media has gotten a little time-consuming lately, I am sure a lot of you may agree. Blogging ends up taking the back burner, but at KBD we try to do something at least once a month to keep you updated on what's new and exciting here at work. This month I got together with a friend of mine, Rox-anne from Celebrating This Life, to celebrate the launch of my new Lemon Drop tea towel!!!! We decided to throw a simple, elegant lemon party serving refreshments and some lemon desserts. With everyone's busy summer schedules it is too hard to have everyone over for a formal dinner so we thought a few drinks and some sweets to nibble on was the perfect way to celebrate the summer that is passing way too fast!

To see all the pictures and some details scroll through these lovely lemon drop party photos!

We kept the table setting simple with some fresh flowers and a few appetizers to get started. Including the cotton candy fluffs on the tall shish kabab sticks... so simple, but it gave the table some height and something fun to snack on!

We dressed up Rox-anne's bar cart so you could help your self to a simple mixed drink.

A twist on your classic lemonade stand -- thanks to Rox-anne's gorgeous Ralph Lauren glasses.

Rox-anne made amazing lemon squares from a famous Martha Stewart recipe... Yummy!

Simple lemon loaf from the supermarket, sliced with fresh raspberries was another simple dessert we had.

Lemon drop candies in clear glass dishes helped to fill the table and make it in inviting.

Love the long olive dish that we filled with lemon jelly beans -- having a collection of different size white dishes is a must!

Popped the Prosecco and mixed it with limoncello for a light summer drink.

A little edible flower for a fun pop of colour made these cute little drinks extra special!

A few more pictures of the drink stations we created just in behind the eating table.

Caught in the action going to grab myself some spiked lemonade!

The bunting banner that Rox-anne made and draped over her deck gave the night a relaxed garden party vibe.