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A Very Green Project!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I thought I would share with you a very green commercial project for a tech company. We renovated a boardroom and also turned the hallway outside of the boardroom into a waiting area for guests. The company branding colour is a particular shade of green and we decided to incorporate that shade of green into our designs for these two areas.

Going to show you some before pictures and then the after pictures. It is quite the transformation. It is hard to believe that they are the same spaces!

First up here are the before pictures of the boardroom:

In this picture you can see the area outside of the door, it is the hallway, which had cubicles in it. If you keep reading you can see how we transformed that into a waiting room!

This wall with the whiteboard was knocked down and we expanded the board room into the office next door to make this room bigger.

These next pictures show the process of getting this room together. We wanted to add that shade of green to this room, but I didn't want to just paint the wall because I felt like it would be too overbearing when sitting in the room. So we decided to get the ceiling tiles painted the perfect pantone shade of green.

Before that green ceiling we hung laser cut sheets of metal in a high gloss white to give the room a fun focal point.

The after effect is very pretty combined with the layering of the green ceiling tiles, the metal ceiling hangings and the modern gold chandelier.

We also disguised the projector on the ceiling by hanging it with the white metal ceiling hangings.

We cladded a wall with barn board to give it a modern industrial look that the company has been trying to achieve.

The boardroom table and sideboard were custom made locally with locally sourced pine and stained using water based stains and top coat. This helped to keep the off-gassing of harmful chemicals to a minimum in the room and we also supported local businesses by doing so.

The area outside the boardroom, which was a hallway with cubicles that you could see in some of the before pictures, was transformed into a small waiting room for guests.

Here are some of the before's:

There's a door to the hallway where you could get to the new boardroom, so we removed part of the wall and got rid of the door to make the waiting room more inviting to guests.

You can see in the bottom right of this picture where the wall was taken out and the entrance was made wider.

We added another wall to block off the waiting room from the rest of the offices in the building.

Here are the afters:

We found a fabric in the perfect green to accent the room with green pieces of furniture, instead of just an accent wall.

We also incorporated the barn board into the hallway to carry the theme throughout the space.

We added fun accessories that are tactile and interactive for the guests in the waiting room.

On the coffee table we added a box to hold more interactive puzzles and games and a few chargers for your phones while you wait.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on your Friday. If you're like me today I am a little too excited to work as I can't wait for tonight's celebrations. I am off to my cousin's stag & doe for a big St. Patrick's day party! So I must try to get back to work and respond to some more emails and finish up some more jobs here around the office before I am off for the weekend!

I hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's Day!



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