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Stewart Condo Project

This downtown Toronto Condo was in desperate need of a makeover, even though it was only a few years old. It was a rental unit and the space was looking very tired and outdated. Before the owners moved in they wanted to refresh the space and make it feel like their home. This little condo is going to be a place for them to stay during the week so they don't have to commute back and forth every night to their home outside the city. Especially with that terrible Toronto rush hour traffic. Check out these before and after photos to see how we transformed this space to make it more spacious, inviting and of course, more their style!



The cabinets were in good shape but the faux wood finish was too dark for this north facing condo. We refaced the cabinets in white and it looks so much brighter!

We replaced the countertop with an overhang on two of the sides and added stools for additional seating and a place to eat.

We added a marble backsplash and replaced the appliances with professional styled ones that helped give the condo an industrial feel.