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Fall Home Tour - Stepping Into Fall with Alex & Abbey

Fall is around the corner and you know what that means! Time to start decorating my little apartment for the season. This week Kendra Bester Design is pairing up with Alex & Abbey, an online Toronto boutique, to try out some new throw pillows from their Tribal Earth collection. I am also teaming up with 13 other bloggers to share with you our homes this fall. All links are at the bottom of this post you should make sure to go check them out to be inspired.

Many of you already know that the large items in my living room such as my sofas, wall colour and my area rug are all neutral because I love to switch out the colour and patterns for all the different seasons of the year. For fall I added lots of warm tones, like oranges, reds and deep burgundies to give an instant autumn feeling and to this small living room.

Featured in front are two throw pillows in green and orange from Alex & Abbey. I chose these two to compliment my fall decorations and they are a great accent to any space. Alex & Abbey feature other collections as well with their bold patterns and colours. The Procida Island collection is full of bright, geometric patterns and Zootopia carries a cute line of prints.

Another quick change I did to bring fall into my home was to remove the blue pieces of art that I had hanging in the corner and replace them with an autumn wreath to tie in the colour scheme. Also, adding lanterns in the corner on a table with candles to add warmth and make the space feel cozy for fall.

Most of my pillow covers I had from last year and was able to reuse them this year, with the additional pillows from Alex & Abbey which really helped to complete the colour scheme.

The orange and white one is called "Pottery" and was an attempt to capture a starry night sky in pixels.

While the green and beige one is called "Mughal Window" and designed after the beautiful Mughal architecture and Jali windows.

Alex & Abbey pride themselves on being artists first. Every pattern is unique and hand-designed, and turned into interior decor. Everything is available online and if you buy more than one pillow your shipping is free! (Within Canada and the U.S.)

"Enchant Your Home" with Alex & Abbey and check them out at or on Instagram @alexnabbey.

Changing your pillow covers and creating a colour scheme for the fall season is key in transforming your living room for fall.

Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns, and layer your textiles to create depth in your space.

I hope you enjoyed my mini fall home tour! Remember to stay tuned for more fall inspired blog posts, as Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner :)

Now you need to go check out these other 13 beautiful spaces that my blogger friends created and are sharing for our Fall Home Tour!

Until next time..... have fun being inspired by all these beautiful Fall Home Tours :)




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