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Road Trip To Boston

Almost a month ago, my boyfriend and I went on a last minute adventure to Boston and Cape Cod. Not going to lie, he waned to go see a Red Sox game at Fenway park and I just wanted to see some architecture, history and of course, the beautiful homes.

We left from Toronto and it took around 10 hours to get to Boston. We arrived at this amazing hotel that I got a great deal on from Hotwire. Everyone at the hotel was so friendly and it made big city Boston feel just like your everyday small town. :)

The hotel was called The Boxer! It was recently redone inside and I loved all the finishes. Look at the entrance to the lobby! It had this big red bike and they actually had more outside that you could take for a ride.

I should of taken more pictures of the hotel, but if you are planning to take a trip to Boston I highly recommend you stay here: the price, location and quality of the hotel were absolutely perfect.

I do, however have lots of pictures from the trip in general and I want to share all of the things that inspired me. I mean pictures are worth a thousand words right... I am sure there are better travel blogs with all the tips and info so lets just get to it! Also, when I go to a new city my eyes are only really attracted to anything design related... so that is what most of my pictures are of :)

Get ready to scroll...

[This blog post is going to be mainly pictures of stuff I saw that inspired me, lets me honest who wants to read all my trip. I am sure there is better travel blogs with more information. Also when I go a city my eyes are only really attracted to anything design... so that is what I took pictures off :) So get really to scroll....]

This is the Boston Old North Church -- so dreamy, I love all the white.

And we went to Harvard in Boston -- there was a lot of red brick...

Everything was just so pretty!

Here is a market that was happening Saturday morning just a short walk from the hotel.

Organic strawberries $1 each!

Then we went exploring, walking the old neighbourhoods...

Just some more red bricks!!

The patina on this window -- swooning!

We went to this little neighbourhood called Beacon Hill and everything was so pretty -- just look at all these front doors!

This was one of the houses in Beacon Hill, and we were able to go in for a tour!

Check out the vintage rugs in this house...

The staircase...

Loving the teal on the walls.

The butler's pantry.

The front door was amazing!

Then we visited some really old war ships. The interiors were pretty awesome -- it is crazy to think that men would spend months at a time on these boats while out at sea.

The dining area on the ship.

Loved the red wheels!

I absolutely loved this blue house right outside the ship area. All the houses in Boston look like they took time to design and that is what made me love them so much!

Almost everything was in red brick in Boston... but, I did find this one yellow, brick building!

Lots of pictures of Boston, and still have plenty more on my camera! But, I thought I would start with some pictures that might inspire a new design project... Till next time!



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