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Cottage Den Makeover

Hi everyone!

Here is part two of the cottage makeover! And luckily for me the den was also in need of some new, stylish furnishings. This room was not too big and again we needed to maximize seating for family and friends coming to visit!

The two old sofas were replaced with Pottery Barn sofas as well as the new large leather ottoman and area rug that were picked up from there. The client had picked these pieces before I started redoing their cottage and so these pieces were the jumping off point for the room. :)


BEFORE (including client's Pottery Barn purchases)


The windows had the same issue as the front room in that all you would notice was the contrast between the white trim and warm walls. I wanted to soften this room as well as make it look and feel bigger. The white sheers help to equal out the window spacing and give this room height. The room now feels much more spacious! And the curtains help make the room feel more inviting and relaxing.

This room also functions as the TV room so I wanted to create a relaxing feel with lots of cottage motifs and florals for the prints on the throw pillows. The floral motifs are pulled and related from the pattern on the rug while the anchor and fish pillows are great for that cottage feel.

We moved this vintage chair that the clients have owned forever from the back room to this front living room and we had it reupholstered in a deep navy at Switch Studio in Mississauga. It was a great accent chair in the room and gave the room one more space for seating.

The red accents in this room are very important! The room was feeling too cold and gray and so by adding just a little bit of red in certain places the room became much more warm and inviting. It started with red piping on the lumbar pillows and then I found cozy throws from HomeSense with blue and white stripes. I found we were able to pull off the nautical/cottage feel without going over the top in this room.

There you have it, the transformation of this back den is complete! It is amazing how the scale of the furniture in a room can make it feel that much more polished and finished. The window treatments, which are just the plain white sheers in this room, are amazing because they add softness and help centre the windows in the room. The pop of red is so important because it gives this room that playfulness and invites you to come relax, kick back and watch old movies or play a board game at the cottage.

I still have one more room at this cottage that I helped put the finishing touches on. I will be sharing the basement makeover soon!

Until then,



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