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Valentines Cookie Grams

Every year it is a family tradition of mine to make cookies for Valentine's Day. We use our family's sugar cookie recipe, which we also use for Christmas. These cookies are delicious! I haven't met one person who can't stop eating them. Here are the steps to making the perfect Valentine's cookies. At the bottom of the post I have included the recipe.

Expect to get messy and give yourself a few hours to make these cookies. There aren't many ingedients; it is a pretty easy cookie dough to make.

It important to make sure you have all your ingreidents or else the cookies will not turn out well. I have tried this recipe so many times and the only way to make it work is to do everything it says!

Having a stand mixer makes mixing the ingredients a lot easier. The cookie dough will get pretty thick. A hand mixer will be quite the arm workout but it will work just the same. :)

Having a marble rolling pin always helps so much with thick dough. The weight of it lets you roll out the dough so much faster.