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Getting your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays

Hello Again..... Are you getting ready for the holiday baking season?!

In my kitchen I have added a few little items that are perfect to get you into the Christmas baking season. My favourite is my new hand painted snowflake cookie jar -- some of you might have seen it on instagram -- I picked it up from Toronto's One of a Kind Show!

I hung a fresh green wreath on my kitchen walls, it smells heavenly and gets me right into the hoilday season.

Making sure you have lots of butter and flour for the holiday baking season is a must. Also, having a good rolling pin is a good investment because you will be doing lots of rolling when you bake those sugar cookies and gingerbread! Loving my marble rolling pin I picked up at Loblaws!

Absolutely loving this green wreath on my white kitchen wall.

I just love the view from my living room to my kitchen -- and it is important that I keep the kitchen festive and clean! The kitchen plays an important role in the atmosphere of my little apartment since it opens to the living room.

Stay tuned for some more Christmas baking and decorating -- I have been up to a bit of sewing and I can't wait to show you the lovely new pillows on my sofa!



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