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Getting Ready for the Holidays !

Hello everyone!

It's that busy time of year again, and I thought it is time to catch you all up to what's been going on in my tiny downtown Toronto apartment. In a small apartment it can be hard to be festive since it can make your space feel overcrowded and cluttered if you are not careful.

As the big christmas fan I am, I managed to fit a full 8 foot Christmas tree in my apartment. I moved around a few pieces of furniture and decluttered some everyday decor to make room for festive decorations.

Here are my photos and a few time-lapse videos of what I have been doing to make the apartment ready for the hoilday season.

Setting up the tree, cutting, drilling, vaccuming and watering!

I find what makes the biggest difference on a Christmas tree is the lights -- you want to make sure you have at least 100 mini lights per 1 linear foot. My method for putting up the lights is to wrap each branch up and down with lights. This allows your tree to glow and highlight all the ornaments on the tree.

Ta da! Here is the finshed product. Lots of lights and lots of Christmas bulbs make a great Christmas tree. Then I topped the mantle off with a homemade fresh green garland from a local florist. To keep the garland fresh I mist it everyday with water -- that way it should last to Christmas.

I kept the decorating on the mantle simple, but put some fresh greenery into the stockings which added some contrast to the white fireplace and made the mantle seem more festive.

I also hung some fresh wreaths -- here is my lovely view from the sofa, it feels like I am in a greenhouse. So pretty :)

Loving how bright my Christmas tree is, it lights up my whole living room!

Here is a close up on the tree to see all these lovely ornaments. I kept it simple with a gold, silver, mint and blue colour scheme. I didn't want a high-contrasting colour scheme because when you're working with a small space you dont want it to take over the entire room.

Watch out for tomorrow's post where I will you show my holiday lunch table setting. Here's a sneak peek of my holiday table for two!

Hope you enjoyed! This is just the start of my holiday decor -- I will keep sharing more of my apartment holiday decorations and even some Christmas baking all the way to Christmas Eve.



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