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Uniquely Curated 500sqft Apartment

I had the pleasure of photographing one of my good friends' apartment towards the end of the summer. This place is uniquely hers with carefully handpicked pieces that she personally curated. She even took a second-hand sofa and reupholstered it herself to match her vision. Her style is very eclectic; she combines midcentury modern taste with her own bohemian vibe making her small 500 square foot apartment truly unique. Taking her design career to the next step she is working in Toronto for a furniture manufacturer and is sad to leave this apartment behind. But, I am very excited to see how she curates her new city apartment!

Here is a photo tour of her current apartment, I hope you enjoy!

The front porch to her apartment: featuring her amazing garden and her own personal charcoal BBQ.

Here is a close up of her personally handwoven chairs and amazing kilm pillows.

When you walk in her apartment there is a little vestibule with a pop of chartreuse on the walls.