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Afternoon Bedroom Makeover in 5 Simple Steps!

In just one afternoon you can totally transform your bedroom. Even though your bedroom is primarily for sleep it still needs to be a special place that represents you: your personality, interests and style.

This tired, teenage bedroom didn't represent a sophisticated, young woman. It desperately needed an update. Here are the steps we took to make this basement bedroom a fresh and classy space suitable for the next chapter in a young woman’s life.


The outdated posters and mismatched colour emphasized the lack of light available in a basement bedroom


1. Declutter Declutter Declutter

This is key. How can you move into the next stage of your life by holding on to all that stuff? Get rid of what you can and pack away the sentimental things that don’t fit with the new style of your room. Clutter can make a space feel crowded and disorganized. Its time to move on... :)

2. Clean Clean Clean

Vacuum, wash everything down and vacuum again. All the dust that likes to collect under your bed, behind furniture and in all those nooks and crannies isn’t good for anyone. It is easy to clean while you are moving furniture around and reorganizing and it makes the space sparkle like new. Believe me it will feel good when you are all done.

3. Work With What You Have!

Chances are there a lot of pieces in your bedroom already that have similar design aspects. All you need to do is pull them together. In this particular bedroom there was a handful of great pieces, however the orange walls were not allowing them to work together to their full potential. The natural wood tone of this desk and gold, grey and purple in the painting were already in the bedroom so I used them to create a colour scheme that would be echoed throughout the room.

4. Paint! – Paint is like Magic

Paint can transform a space to make it feel almost instantly and completely different. Pick the right colour that will tie in and balance your colour scheme. Try to pick a colour that you feel comfortable with. An easy way to find out if you will like it is to look in your closet and see what you like to wear. Most likely the colours you like to wear are also the colours you feel most comfortable living in. In this bedroom we toned down the bright orange that was on two opposing walls and painted all the walls in a sophisticated lilac.

5. New Floor Plan and Editing

In this case we kept the same floor plan because this tiny basement bedroom limited where we were able to place a double bed. When putting everything back try to edit as much as possible. Remember to keep it simple so you can create a clean and simple place to relax. It is important in today’s world, when everyday is so busy, to have one room where you can relax and I think it is important to make that space your bedroom.

This bedroom makeover only took a single afternoon. With some decluttering, cleaning, reorganzing and a fresh coat of paint this room was completely transformed. Now this room is fit for a mature young woman that reflects her lifestyle.

Hope these 5 simples steps will encourage you to tackle that bedroom in your house that is in need of a makeover!

Until next time



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