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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Celebrating my Mexican heritage today with a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! #whitegirl Hey, fiestas are for everyone... :) Today I am making fresh, homemade, delicious tortillas! With just 4 ingredients these tortillas are so easy to make and much healthier than the store-bought ones filled with preservatives.

You can find the recipe for these easy tortillas here:

Or, watch me make them here instead!

It only takes some flour, olive oil, water and salt. It's so simple!

I had fun making these today in my festive kitchen. Even had time for a 10 mins dance break while I waited for the dough to set!

Put them in a non-stick frying pan on medium/high for about 50 seconds on each side and voilà! Easy!

There you have it... Beautiful, fresh, homemade tortillas for the best Cinco de Mayo party!

And this is why it is the best... We're making lemon and orange mojitos! I adapted this drink from Buzzfeed editor's 'Dessert & Booze Hacks' book which I got from Rolo in Yorkville, Toronto.

And no Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is complete without tequila! We created a little tequila bar for some margaritas to go with our taco dinner tonight.

Hope you enjoyed this post on how I celebrated Cinco de Mayo in my little kitchen. Time to go make those margaritas for my guests coming over tonight... Can't wait to get this fiesta started!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!



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