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5 Simple Steps To Setting A Spring-Inspired Dinner Table

This week I teamed up with a bunch of wonderful bloggers to do a #springhomerefresh ! We all were on a mission to update our homes in whichever way we wanted to celebrate the spring season! Today we are sharing all of our decor with you so make sure you check out all of the blog posts which I have linked at the bottom of this blog post. :)

Everyone knows that I love to set tables for any special occasion and sometimes not for any occasion at all! So for my #springhomerefresh I am going to show you my 5 simples steps for the best spring-inspired dinner table.

1. White Table Cloth

The best way to impress your guests is to lay a simple white table cloth on your dining table. Your guests will be in instant awe over your ability to entertain, seriously, who doesn't like eating off a fresh, clean surface?

2. White Dishes

I am big on chinaware, I own a couple of sets myself... but I always make sure the middle of my plates are white. Food is always best on a white surface because it lets all the colours pop. For my spring table I went for the simple and relaxed feel by using my everyday white dishes.

3. Layering

Anyone can set a table, but how boring is it if all you see are just a plate and some flatware. I want to see the soup bowl or salad plate you are going to start with - in this case I mixed it up for a fun, casual dinner and serving soup in my Royal Doulton 1815 mugs. Then add your appetizer plate and dinner plate underneath. Show off those dishes! Don't forget to add water and wine glasses, you don't want your guest to have a dry mouth from all the talking over how good your cooking is. ;)