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The Best Inexpensive Headboards and Bed Frames

Bed frames and headboards don't have to be expensive to look nice - you can find many out there for a reasonable price and it can look like you paid much more for it! This is an especially useful tip for people that rent out their places like us at The Blue Huron who get a lot of people coming and going. These inexpensive headboards and bed frames look amazing and you won't have to fork out a fortune to get the look you want!

Read on for some of our favourite inexpensive bed frames and headboard finds!

This classic blue and white striped upholstered headboard can work for so many different rooms! We're imagining it in a boy's room with fun red accents or in a classic preppy blue and white bedroom.

This camel back shape striped headboard with nailhead detailing is so versatile. Pair it with some beautiful bedding to really make your bed stand out!

This iron piping white bed frame is a timeless way to bring in some metal elements into your space without looking overly industrial. This frame provides enough support that you can go without a box spring.

This solid wood bed with panelling details does traditional style in a sleek, updated way and we absolutely love it! You can't go wrong with this bed, especially for the fair price point.

We actually used this seagrass headboard over at The Blue Huron! You can head on over to The Blue Huron's Instagram to see how it looks in the space.

This solid steel and wood bed frame would look amazing in your guest room!

A traditional upholstered headboard with nailhead detailing would look timeless in your bedroom. This one from Structube comes in a nice, neutral grey that can work with your colour scheme.

Here is another metal bed frame in a stand out black finish. We're obsessed with the vintage feel of metal bed frames!

This upholstered plaid headboard is more expensive than the other ones... but we just had to include it! How AMAZING is this headboard?! We were all obsessed with it in the office! The pattern is timeless and the colour works well for every season.

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