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DIY Pixelated Heart

Here is a unique alternative to a wreath for Valentine's Day. This DIY pixelated heart only takes an afternoon and has a big wow factor. You will need some wood cube blocks, wooded stir sticks, ribbon, acrylic craft paint, a few paint brushes and a handy glue gun. Most of these items can be found at any dollar store.

With the help of my editor, we started the craft by painting the wooden blocks in four different colours: red, dark pink, light pink and white. We painted five of the six sides and rested the cube on the unpainted side to dry.

After the pieces were dry, which didn't take too long, we hot glued all the cubes together in a heart shape, mix-matching the colours as much as possible.

Then we painted the stir sticks to make the arrow going through the heart. We were able to cut the sticks to the right length with scissors. We stacked the popsicle sticks on top of each other alternating between the arrow and its points to build up the thickness to match the cubes. We also added two longer stir sticks to glue behind the heart in order to keep the arrow secured.

And this is our final product! When the arrow has been attached you can add ribbon to the heart in order to hang it up. We glued this pink ribbon to the back of the heart and tied the top into a pretty bow.

It's all ready to hang on my apartment door! This was an out-of-the-box idea that came from thinking of what could be done with some materials I already had in my apartment. I think we ended up with a pretty unique homemade Valentine's Day decoration!


Come by tomorrow for some Valentine's Day cookie grams I will be baking and decorating myself :).




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